What if life could be so much more?

Have you thought that about your life before?
Do you feel the gnawing ache of an unfulfilled story?
Is there a dream or purpose lying dormant inside of you?

If so, what you are feeling is the tension of Scary Faith. This isn’t just a faith that informs your beliefs, but a faith that opens the door to endless possibilities and miracles.

In Scary Faith, you will discover one of the biggest hidden secrets about fear and faith. Through his personal journey and Scriptural insights, church planter and founding pastor of X Church, Tim Moore, unpacks how to follow God’s will and purpose for your life. As you navigate the scary open waters with Tim, he will unfold the key to walking by faith while wrestling with fear.

Whether you are a stay-at-home mom, entrepreneur, pastor, or college student, all of us have God-given dreams yet to be fulfilled. The real question is whether you will settle in the plains of comfort or adventure by faith into your God-given destiny.

Tim Moore is the founder of X Church, a dynamic church located in Columbus, Ohio. Under his leadership, X Church has led more than 6,000 people to faith in Christ. Tim is passionate about communicating the message of Jesus in a creative and compelling way. 

In addition to leading X Church, Tim is a best-selling author and regular host on The X Podcast: a show designed to inspire critical thinking in a post-Christian culture.

Tim is a graduate of Ohio Christian University with a degree in Religious Studies and a focus on Leadership and Ministry. 

Tim and Lorelei have been married for more than 25 years, and their family includes their two daughters, Audrey, Lauryn, and her husband Hunter and their son, Coehn. They currently reside in the Columbus, Ohio area. 

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“Tim’s book is both challenging and uplifting. His real experiences, along with his humor and masterful storytelling skills, combine beautifully with his study of God’s and His Word to make an impressive, inspirational read.”

Kristen Terrette 
Author and Women’s Ministry Leader 



“Scary Faith is pure gold! Tim does a masterful job pulling us from our safe and predictable lives and into our God-given destiny.”

Dr. Don wilson
Founding Pastor of Christ Church of the valley